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2021 CFA Award Recipients

Mrs. Carol J. Mattocks
Award for Individual Leadership
Mr. Tom Pike, Owner/Manager
Award for Business Leadership
Mr. Ricky Meadows
Dean of Career Programs, Craven Community College
Award for Leadership in Education


2020 CFA Award Recipients

Ethel_Sampson_CFA_ReceipientEthel Sampson
Award for Individual Leadership

To the Duffyfield neighborhood and the thousands whose lives she touches, Ethel Sampson is just Mom.

At 87 years old, Ethel is a longtime resident of the community. She was born in Pollocksville but has lived in New Bern since she was three. She saw the end of the Great Depression, as well as the arrival of World War II and Cherry Point. From her porch, she has watched the sun set on segregation and the Jim Crow days and saw her husband, Johnnie Sampson, Jr., win the race for county commissioner, a post he still holds today.

During the AIDS epidemic of the 1970s, Ethel visited and tended to the sick at a time when most people were afraid to be around AIDS victims. She has volunteered for many years with hospice, fed the hungry, sheltered the homeless, and worked closely with prisons and the local jail. She was a Yokefellow at the Newport prison in the '70s. In 1996, Lieutenant Governor Bev Perdue appointed her to the board of the Craven Correctional Institution. Her jail visitations continue today. Ethel also assists young men and women in financial distress and on the verge of legal trouble and is often able to keep them out of jail.

Both Ethel and her husband have received the Order of the Longl eaf Pine, North Carolina's highest recognition to its residents. At the same time, the street she grew up on was renamed Sampson Street in their honor. Though Ethel has not held office, her care is political as well as social. She is careful to attend all of the aldermen meetings downtown. She hasn't missed a meeting in 65 years and insists on staying abreast of all community happenings. Ethel's acute awareness and nurturing heart make her a true leader that helps to hold the fabric of our community together.

Chris_Segal_Sun_Journal2New Bern Sun Journal
Mr. Chris Segal, Executive Editor
Award for Business Leadership

As the region's go-to source for local news since 1876, the Sun Journal has guided its readers for over a century by offering extensive, comprehensive coverage on a variety of topics, including sports, education, politics and business. But more than that, they are a constant source of communication that holds the Craven County community together.

Chris Segal, executive editor, is proud to manage a newspaper that is the community's primary source of local news, keeping readers abreast with current events and topics ranging from elementary school honor roll lists and church bake sales to presidential elections and global pandemics. What sets the Sun Journal apart is their proactive involvement with the community in which they operate, and Chris is committed to continuing its legacy.

The Sun Journal has a long history of interacting with the community and working with nonprofit organizations through sponsorships and spotlighting local events. In recent years, they have taken significant steps to go beyond just being an informational outlet to finding ways to engage with those nonprofits and with their readers.

To Chris, volunteerism and giving back are fundamental components of operating a business in Craven County. He believes the paper's sustained success can be attributed to hardworking staff who are committed to the community, which has made the Sun Journal much more than just a newspaper to its readers. People look forward to reading their daily paper and enjoy catching up on what's happening in the area. And, in times of crisis, whether it's a devastating hurricane or global pandemic, the paper provides readers with up-to-date news, disaster recovery resources, and peace of mind. The New Bern Sun Journal remains an integral part of the fabric that holds Craven County together and will undoubtedly continue to do so for another 144 years.

Deborah_Langhans_CFA_ReceipientMrs. Deborah Langhans
Chief Academic Officer - Craven County Schools
Award for Leadership in Education

Deborah Langhans began her career as a math teacher at West Craven High School after graduating from East Carolina University in 1989. She has maintained a
keen appreciation for the importance of Craven County's teachers ever since.

Deborah was inspired by her own positive school experience and the powerful impact that teachers had on her over the years. She recognizes that many individuals have played important roles in her success, and she strives to do the same for other students.

She started as a math teacher, eventually moving up to assistant principal and then principal before moving to an administration position. She is now Chief Academic Officer for Craven County Schools and is responsible for teaching and learning across the entire district. Her job ranges from setting priorities for the school system directors to working with the Board of Education during their meetings and supporting principals.

Over her 31-year career, Deborah has witnessed firsthand the seismic changes that have transformed the face of education. While she believes that technology certainly has its place in modern-day education, she strongly believes that it can't replace quality instruction and that the best resource will always be teachers in the classroom.

The CFA recognition has been particularly gratifying for Langhans due to her work with Craven Community College through their partnership with the local school system. She sees college/public school partnerships as the wave of the future. Her forward thinking combined with a utilization of tried and true teaching methods exemplify her role as an educational leader in the community.

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Charles Wethington, Executive Director, Institutional Advancement
Jennifer Baer, Director, Lifetime Learning Center and Community Outreach
Christina Bowman, Foundation Operations Coordinator
Shelley Adkins, Institutional Advancement Specialist

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