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Carol BectonCOVID-19 has been in the forefront of everyone’s mind and touched many of our students. The Craven Community College Foundation has seen directly the impact of these challenges, which have created additional needs for our students. The Foundation strives to meet these needs and now must grow its efforts to support them. Together we can actively help them with basics like transportation, fees, and books; as well as making sure that scholarships for tuition are awarded to deserving students.

We believe that there will be a positive ending to this journey if we commit and invest in our students today. We also believe in you and are relying on the value you place on education as a priority. Your generosity can enable us to expand this important area of support.Tom Braaten

We know that you believe that tomorrow matters. If we work together and financially commit to our students, their direct needs for tuition, fees, books and emergency assistance will be met.

We believe in tomorrow, our students and you. Your contribution now will help students to achieve their goals, giving them a belief in tomorrow. Thank you!

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Believe in tomorrow . . . Give today!

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Craven_CC_Foundation_LogoThe Craven Community College Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1977, exists to support the educational goals of Craven Community College and its students. The Foundation supports the mission of the college by providing student scholarships, as well as funding learning initiatives and opportunities. For more information about the Foundation >




Charles Wethington, Executive Director, Institutional Advancement
Jennifer Baer, Director, Lifetime Learning Center and Community Outreach
Christina Bowman, Foundation Operations Coordinator
Shelley Adkins, Institutional Advancement Specialist

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